How To Choose Granite Countertop Support Brackets

granite countertop support bracketsIf you have an overhanging stone top, you’ll need to support it or you can have real damage.  And here are some considerations to help you choose granite countertop support brackets.

Hidden Supports vs. Decorative Brackets

Hidden granite supports are very popular since they are not seen and do not become part of your design.  They also keep you from banging your knees!  Decorative support brackets can offer unique character to spaces.

Unique Support Conditions

hidden granite supportsConsider areas other than kitchen and bath countertops for granite supports.  For example, Sauna Bench Supports, Shower Seat Supports, Limited Accessibility Bathroom Supports – Attention bath contractors, tile contractors.

Granite Countertop Support Brackets for Commercial Spaces

Hotels, offices, and restaurants use natural stone tops that require strong supports.  Check out this video tour of forged steel support brackets in Savannah Georgia.  These are heavy duty supports that support balconies on buildings.

Quartz Countertop Supports

Quartz tops in kitchens have precautions that differ from natural stone tops.  However, quartz is inherently stronger than granite and will not pose as much risk of cracking if not properly supported.

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Custom Bracket Design


Granite Countertop Support Education Series

Installing Hidden Countertop Brackets

How to install granite countertop supports in existing wall

How to support granite counters outdoors

Outdoor granite supports and the pitfalls – stainless steel brackets for outdoor, shower, salt water, and sauna applications.

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10 Best Selling Granite Countertop Brackets

custom granite supportsSupporting overhanging tops is critical to protect stone counters.  However, protecting granite countertops from stains is also important.  If you do get a stain in granite or marble, follow these recommendations to remove stains in your countertops.

Also, here is the industry recommended Granite Stain Remover for all natural stone – works well on oil stains in granite.

Seal your granite tops with MB24 Barrier or MB21 Permanent Sealer.  Get either product at MB Stone Care.

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