Granite Care Videos & Instructions . . . Sealing, Cleaning, Removing Stains!

granite countertop care2023 DIY granite care and protection.  Also, quartz countertops maintenance tips from someone you can trust.  I’ve been in the business for 30 years.  I’m not here to offer “secrets” just effective proven methods, products, and science.

How to clean, seal, disinfect, repair, and remove stains from granite and quartz, for instance.  And for 2023 I’ve added Grout Cleaning & Sealing Tips with video and instructions for cleaning stained grout.  Make your floors look new again!

Granite Care & Quartz Countertop Care Recommendations
Download the New 2023 Granite Countertop Owner’s Manual

Above all, I’ll share with you granite countertop care best practices from over 18 years in the business . . . personal experience with literally thousands of installations.

In addition, check out special sections on Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Care, Granite & Quartz Support Recommendations, Protecting Natural Stone Tables, and How To Choose The Right Countertops for Kitchens & Baths.

Similarly, I’ll point you to recommended granite, natural stone, and quartz care products.  The products I recommend are from trusted companies like MB Stone Care, Tenax, Bonstone, Airex Laboratories, D/2 Biologicals, and HIMG Surface Repair.  In fact, my Granite Countertop Care Videos show the latest products on the market and how they perform.

Rare Earth Stone cleaning and sealing supplies is my online store, so purchasing through Rare Earth supports my small family business.

Granite Countertop Owner’s Manual

Did you get a granite countertop care owner’s manual when your new stone tops were installed? Probably not.  Good advice and proper granite and marble care instruction, for instance, is seldom provided by granite counter installers or contractors.

For example, if you were told to clean your countertops with Windex or dish soap, you were given bad advice.  If you want a short cut to recommended stone care practices, you can get the Kindle version of my Granite Countertop Owner’s Manual.  However, you’ll find all the content of the manual in this Granite Care Pro site for free.

Quartz Countertop Care Guide

quartz countertop careQuartz countertops require different care than natural stone.  I recently moved into a new home with quartz kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.  As a result, I decided to expand my countertop care research to include quartz counters.  Check out the Quartz Countertop Maintenance section.

Care For Granite The Earth Friendly Way

Explore granite care products and packaging that are environmentally friendly and support sustainability efforts.  In other words, you have options for environmentally-conscious products that are both effective and smart.  See Earth Friendly Granite Products.

Granite & Quartz Best Practices

Granite counter care best practices include good answers to good questions – how to make granite shine, how to fix dull granite around your sink.  Also, how to get stains out of granite, how to remove oil stains from granite, and granite restoration.  So what’s the best material for kitchen countertops?  And the best material for a bathroom vanity?  Which stones to use for counters – Onyx Countertops, Limestone Countertops, Marble.

Granite Care Pro
Ask the Granite Care Pro

Learn how to properly clean granite countertops, how to properly seal granite, and how to remove granite stains.  Moreover, here’s how to repair granite cracks & chips, and much more.

We understand the science of stone countertop care.  In fact, we have manufactured and installed thousands of granite countertops. Simple care and countertop maintenance will help preserve the beauty of your stone tops and granite top tables for years.

Professional Granite Care Tips

How To Properly Seal Granite Countertops

Here’s how to seal granite countertops, if they need it.  Top 5 granite sealers, How to Seal Marble Countertops, How to Seal Limestone Countertops, Sealing Quartz Countertops.  Determine how well your tops are protected from staining and also learn how to easily seal your own granite countertops with professional quality yourself.

Granite Stain Removal

granite stain
How to remove stains from stone tables

Caring for granite includes how to prevent stains and how to remove granite stains.  Here’s the granite stain removal guide with proven directions to restore your granite countertops to their original beauty.

You’ll find instructions for stain removal from granite, marble, limestone, and other natural stones. In addition, MB Stone Stain Reaper will pull oil stains out of granite and marble.  The Stain Reaper product features an image of the Grim Reaper which is entertaining.  But this stuff actually works great and I’ve used it to remove stains mostly from marble which acts like a sponge for stains.

Best Way To Clean Granite Countertops

Eco-friendly granite cleaner
Earth Friendly Granite Cleaner

Granite cleaning guidelines provided by granite installers can be misleading. If you were told to clean your countertops with glass cleaner or dish soap, you were given bad instructions. Here’s the right way to clean granite countertops

If Your Granite Counters Have Lost Their Shine . . .

restore shine to granite countertopsHere’s an easy one.  Don’t clean your granite or other natural stone countertops with dish soap because you’re bound to get a soap film build-up on your tops. However, here’s how to easily remove the soap film and restore the shine to your countertops. Restore shine to dull counters

How To Repair Granite Countertops

Are your stone countertops chipped? You can repair granite countertops and minor granite damage yourself.  So you save money, with better results than many professional granite contractors can provide! See Wall Protection & Supports Under Granite Bar Top (Video, Photos).  How to secure a dishwasher to your granite countertop (video).  And the best way to support undermount sinks to granite.  Here’s how to repair granite and marble tops

2023 Disinfecting Granite Countertops Advice & Recommendations

disinfect granite countertopsCovid concerns have put a focus on disinfecting surfaces including countertops, fixtures, and door knobs in your home and business.  In fact,  sanitizing cleaners are your best bet to disinfect your quartz and granite countertops. I’m working on new articles in the Clean, Disinfect, Sanitize, Sterilize segment.  Meanwhile, here are the new EPA certified disinfectant solutions.  In addition, try MB Stone Care MB9 mold & mildew cleaner which has been available for years as an effective sanitizer for kitchens and baths.

New Granite Care Tips For Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, & Offices

granite disinfecting in hotelsNatural stone care extends to commercial spaces, not just the home.  In fact, natural stone tops in high traffic areas need stain protection and strong cleaning and disinfecting more than granite countertops in your home.  So, here are marble & granite countertop care instructions for restaurants & hotels.

Granite Care Instructions & Videos

Here’s the library of Granite Care Videos along with Q&A for Natural Stone Care & Quartz Care.  Click here for all Granite Care Pro YouTube VideosHow to Seal Granite and Marble Tableseasy video instructions.

Should You Seal Granite Tables?

Recommended Granite Care Products

Professionally seal and clean your own granite countertops with quality stone care products made specifically for natural stone. Natural stone care products for floors, walls, and countertops made of granite, marble, limestone, slate, travertine, and more.  MB 21 Enhance is a food grade sealer and color enhancer for granite – order direct from the manufacturer.

Granite Sealer

Granite Cleaner

Make Your Granite Shine – Soap Film Remover

Granite Countertop Care Kits

Granite countertop care kits and value packsgranite cleaning and sealing feature combinations of highly rated granite sealer, granite cleaner, and granite soap film remover. As a result, you can do your own granite countertop maintenance and save money.

Granite & Marble Repair Kits

granite and marble repair kitThe best granite and marble repair kit I’ve found for DIY at home provides everything you need to repair granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, travertine, and all other natural stone countertops. For instance, you can repair scratches, chips, and seams. In addition, you produce professional results on quartz countertop repairs too.  Marble Repair Kits.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Care

outdoor kitchen careGranite Outdoors.  I just installed my own outdoor kitchen and entertainment area.  As a result, I learned the best materials to use for my countertops and how to protect the countertops outdoors.  How to Seal Granite Outdoors, How to Clean Granite Outdoors. 5 Best Outdoor Countertop Materials.  Weatherproof supports.

Granite Countertop Supports

Granite Countertop Brackets Made in the USA

How to choose brackets to support granite

Supports for hotels & restaurants

Quartz Countertop Supports

How to Support Granite Counter Tops (Video install)

Outdoor Granite Supports – Stainless steel brackets for outdoor, shower, salt water, sauna.  Weatherproof designs.

Products Page – Granite Countertop Care Products

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