How To Repair Granite & Quartz Tops, Chips, Scratches

Are your granite countertops chipped or scratched?  You can repair granite damage yourself with professional results.  Here’s what you need to know.


How To Repair Granite Countertops With A Granite Repair Kit

You can repair minor granite damage yourself, save lots of money, and probably get better results than most professional granite contractors will provide!  It’s not that difficult either.

Here’s an inexpensive, DIY granite repair solution for stone countertops that I recommend.  Start with this repair solution, and you may need nothing else.  If it’s not enough, you can try other repair solutions.  But you will not have lost much of your time or money.

how to repair granite and quartz countertops

Best Granite Countertop Repair Kit

The HIMG LCA Granite & Quartz Repair Kit is a quick and inexpensive solution to repair natural stone countertops and even quartz countertops.  Even though it’s a small and simple package, this do-it-yourself kit gives you everything you need to fix granite, quartz, marble, quartzite, sandstone, travertine, onyx, and limestone.

The HIMG kit costs less than $30 and gives you everything you need to repair granite cracks and chips in as little as 15 minutes.  You’ll save the hassle of finding a qualified stone repair specialist and you save potentially hundreds of dollars.  You can even try your hand at improving granite seams.

The granite repair kit comes with an instruction booklet and can handle 5-10 repairs.  Here’s what you get:

  • 1-gram syringe of HIMG LCA repair gel
  • 1-gram syringe of polishing paste
  • Micro top for syringe
  • (4) sandpaper sheets
  • Applicator tool
  • Microfiber polishing cloth
  • LED curing light

How to fix granite countertops

The HIMG repair kit features a liquid acrylic product that sets or cures using an LED light.

  • Clean and prepare the damaged area
  • Mask the area with tape
  • Apply acrylic gel with the syringe applicator
  • Apply the curing strip
  • Illuminate the repair with included LED light
  • Sand the repair and buff area with polishing paste and cloth

How To Fix Edge Damage On Granite Countertops

The HIMG light cure acrylic repair kit works well on edge damages on granite tops at kitchen sinks.  Unlike epoxy, the acrylic will not turn yellow over time.  And HIMG claims the average repair results in a visual improvement of 80 to 90% of perfect!

How to Repair Edge Damage On Quartz Countertops

You can fix edge damage on quartz tops with a clear acrylic repair kit.  Use clear tape to create an edge wall for the repair.  Once the clear acrylic has cured, remove the tape.  The slightly raised edge can then be bevel sanded down.  Check out their website for full details – HIMG Surface Repair

Granite & Marble Repair Kit

fix granite and marbleHaving made granite repairs myself for more than 20 years, I know it’s difficult to find granite repair professionals who will perform quality work or even do small repair jobs.  The professional grade granite repair kit that I have used as a contractor is the Bonstone Granite & Marble Repair Kit.

Bonstone Scratch Repair Kit includes full instructions and lets you repair cracks in countertops and floors.  Fix scratches and re-attach chips.  Also, make seams and joints look better on granite countertops with a full set of color tints to blend the repair like a pro. This kit is suitable for both interior and exterior repairs.  In fact, the patch holds up to extreme weather.

The kit includes the following: Last Patch Gel (1 kit), Last patch accelerator (.5 oz), 15 Mix sticks, 10 Razor blades, 30 mix cups, Flitz Polish, (1) pair of gloves, CA activator, CA Super Thin, CA Gel, Assorted Liquid Tints (Black, White, Buff, Brown, Green, Rust, Blue, Yellow).

Granite & Marble Chip Repair Kit

marble chip repairTenax is another strong name in the granite countertop industry.  They provide a professional grade chip repair kit for granite & marble.  I do not have experience with the Tenax kit, but it’s been around for a while.

As with the Bonstone repair kit, you can repair scratches, chips, and fissures with the Tenax kit.  The kit comes with full instructions and Tenax even claims you can fix structural cracks with it.

Here’s what comes with the kit: (1) 3oz LiquaGlass Chip Filler (1.5oz  of both part A & part B), (1) Masking Tape, (10) Single Edge Razor Blades, (10) Mixing Sticks, (10) Mixing Cups, (5) Pairs of Latex Gloves, (1) 8.5 oz Tenax Hydrex Sealer (covers 40-50sqft).

Marble Repair Kit

Having made granite repairs myself for more than 20 years, I know it’s difficult to find granite repair professionals who will perform quality work or even do small repair jobs.  So try the Marble Repair Kit  since you can’t go wrong.

In fact, it corrects light to medium etching and light scratch patterns.

marble touch up kitThe Marble Repair Kit includes:

MB-5 Stone & More Multi Surface Spray Cleaner 32 oz.

MB-13 Stone Shine Spray Polish 32 oz.

MB-11 Touch Up Etch Remover 8oz.

MB Stone Care Marble Repair Kit is an essential care product for your natural stone surfaces. This kit helps you take care of your light to medium etching, also known as “water stains” or “rings”, and  light scratches on polished marble, travertine and other calcite based stones. This kit works best on lighter colored stones.


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How To Attach A Dishwasher To Granite Countertops

Attachment brackets on top of a dishwasher need to be secured to the underside of granite countertops.  Now I typically see dishwashers that are not secured at all to granite counters, so they will tip forward when you open the door and pull out the dish drawer.  The easiest solution is to apply a drop of silicone caulk between each bracket and the granite top.  Then clamp in place with a spring clamp until the caulk sets (24 hours).

However, the better solution is to affix an attachment plate with small bolts to the granite counter.  The bolts fit through the dishwasher brackets into threaded holes so the dishwasher can be both secured and easily removed at any time.  You can find several choices for these attachment kits on Amazon for less than $10.  Search for “granite countertop dishwasher attachment”.

Repair Granite Countertops By Re-Caulking The Kitchen Sink

Chances are, the granite counters in your kitchen have a stainless steel sink.  Stainless sinks are usually mounted underneath a cut out opening in your granite countertop.  Undermount sinks in granite installations are held in place with clips which are glued to the granite with epoxy resin.

However, a bead of silicone caulk is applied between the sink rim and the countertop to keep the installation watertight.  This caulk bead also fills this space which would otherwise get food and mold wedged in.

Over time, however, the caulk gets nasty and moldy.  As a repair or maintenance item for your granite countertops, you should cut out the old caulk, clean out the mold, and re-caulk the sink.  Here’s video instructions showing how easy it is.

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