Maintenance Kits For Granite Countertops, Are They Worth The Cost?

maintenance kits for graniteSo what’s the story behind the value and benefit of maintenance kits for granite countertops?  Compare product combinations that match your needs and save you money.

It’s true, Granite Care Pro started as a granite countertop manufacturing and installation company over 20 years ago.  Since then, we’ve installed thousands of countertops and early on, we discovered MB Stone Care granite sealer, cleaner, and stain remover products.

MB Stone Care products have performed remarkably well over the years.  In fact, every countertop we installed was sealed with MB Stone Granite Sealer.  And moving forward, we decided to combine granite maintenance and care products from MB Stone into kits.  Actually, we provided each new countertop customer with one of these maintenance kits.

Now you can choose from several different maintenance kits and get just what you need.

Granite Care & Maintenance Kit Platinum

granite care platinumThe Granite Care Platinum Maintenance Kit combines the most recommended granite sealer and daily stone cleaner with an effective soap film remover to restore granite shine.  Better yet, it provides complete instructions and trigger sprayers for the bottles.  This kit provides:

MB-24 Granite Sealer – unlike silicon sealers, MB-24 does not evaporate or go through any type of natural deterioration.  MB-24 prevents liquids from being absorbed by all natural stones.

Next, MB-5 Granite Cleaner cleans your natural stone  countertops daily.

In addition, remove soap film with MB-3 Soap Film and Mineral Deposit Remover.  MB-3 removes soap film, scum, and hard water deposits effortlessly from your granite countertops and stone shower stalls.

Granite Countertop Maintenance Platinum Plus Kit

granite care platinum plus kitFor even more value, the Granite Care Platinum Plus Kit provides the best granite sealer, proven soap film remover and (2) bottles of daily stone cleaner, all at a discounted price.

So this kit provides MB-24 Granite Sealer, (2) bottles of MB-5 Granite Cleaner, and MB-3 Soap Film and Mineral Deposit Remover.

Economical Maintenance Kits For Granite Countertops

For unmatched value, try the Countertop Care Kit Silver and Countertop Care Kit Gold.  In fact, these are the most economical, and most popular granite care kits.  These granite maintenance kits combine MB-24 granite sealer and MB-5 daily granite cleaner.

So the Silver Kit provides (1) bottle of MB-24 and (1) bottle of MB-5.  Better yet, the Gold Kit provides (1) bottle of MB-24 and (2) bottles of MB-5.  And you decide which serves you best.

granite care silver
Silver Granite Maintenance Kit
stone maintenance kit gold
Gold Maintenance Kit

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Best Grout Cleaning Package

Clean stained grout in tile floors with a heavy duty alkaline cleaner.  MB2 Alkaline HD is a highly concentrated, earth-friendly product designed to clean the toughest soils from grout.  MB2 Alkaline Grout Cleaner Kit provides (1) Quart of MB2 Alkaline HD Cleaner, (1) Spray Bottle, and (1) Grout Brush.

Granite Reconditioning Kit – Here’s a combination of products to help recondition granite countertops. In fact, the Granite Reconditioning Kit was designed by stone care professionals to help you bring your granite back to life.  Above all, step-by-step instructions show exactly how to use the kit.

granite countertop reconditioning

Granite Repair Kits

Bonstone Granite Chip Repair Kit

HIMG Stone Surface Repair Kit

Granite Tops Maintenance Videos

In addition to maintenance kits for your granite counters, here are video instructions showing how to use the products.

How To Properly Seal Granite Countertops

Cleaning Granite Countertops

Sanitize & Disinfect Your Kitchen Countertops

Granite Stain Removal

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