Best Granite Cleaner For Countertops Is pH Neutral, But Never Use This!

best granite cleanerThe best granite cleaner for routine countertop cleaning is pH neutral and made for natural stone tops.  You have several choices for granite countertop cleaners, but stay away from dish soap or window cleaner.  Here’s the recommendation.

How To Clean Granite Countertops

You may have been told to clean your newly installed granite counters with glass cleaner, ammonia or even dishwashing soap.  But don’t do it!  It may be fine for quartz countertops but not natural stone tops.  See the guide How To Properly Clean Granite Countertops.

Best Granite Cleaners

Clean granite countertops daily with pH neutral granite cleaners made specifically for your stone tops.  The best performing product we’ve found for routine granite cleaning is MB-5, MB-15, and MB-17, all from MB Stone Care.  For disinfecting your countertops, we recommend AIRx Spray N Go disinfectant spray.

You may also need to clean soap film from granite countertops and MB-26 & MB-3 both work well cleaning stone tops.  Here are combinations of granite maintenance products to save you money – Granite Countertop Maintenance Kits

Recommended Granite Countertop Cleaners

MB-15 Stone Glow – Surface Cleaner

pH neutral granite cleanerStone Glow is a pH neutral cleaner and highly suited for natural stones.  But use it to clean all sorts of other materials like quartz, wood, glass, and porcelain.

Best of all, this cleaner leaves a fresh, streak-free countertop and restores the gleam or shine of the top. In fact, the formula contains optical brighteners for an enhanced finish.

MB-15 Stone Glow is safe for everyday use, both at home and at work. Also, you can choose between a 32oz. spray bottle or the gallon size. All in all, this multipurpose cleaner is an efficient tool that removes dirt efficiently, dries quickly, and helps keep your counters shiny.

MB-17 Stone Wipes – Natural Stone Cleaning Wipes

granite wipes clean countertopsPerhaps the best choice for quick, convenient clean up of natural stone tops is a stone wipe. MB-17 Stone Wipes are both convenient and effective.  Use the wipes on either natural or engineered stone (quartz countertops).  In fact, the wipes are impregnated with an ammonia-free cleaner that leaves behind a sparkling surface.

Above all, MB-17 offer hassle-free cleaning which means no spray bottle and no paper towels or rags.  Clean all types of dust, grime, streaks, or fingerprints.

MB-5 Granite Cleaner

MB-5 Marble Granite and More Spray Cleaner is another choice of daily cleaner for granite countertops.  Easy spray on and wipe off cleaning.  And it’s pH neutral so a good choice for counters.  I use MB-5 for all surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom.

MB-26 Scrub Soap Scum Cleaner & Soap Build-Up Remover

soap scum removerThis is an essential cleaning product for your bathroom.  Effectively remove soap scum, grime, and water deposits without scrubbing.

Also, MB-26 performs excellent on granite and honed marble, with the inclusion of metal surfaces and glass. However, do not use this product on polished marble.

Scrub eliminates even the most resistant soap buildup and hard water stains. And for really tough build-up, use the diamond-shaped scrubbing pad that’s included.

MB-3 Soap Film & Mineral Deposit Remover

If you clean your granite or other natural stone countertops daily with dish soap, you’re bound to get a soap film build-up on your tops.   In fact, your countertops will be dull and lose their shine.  But you can restore dull granite countertops with MB-3 Soap Film & Mineral Deposit Remover.

Get rid of soap film on granite, marble, limestone, and other natural stone countertops.  Also, it works well on quartz tops.  And in the bathroom, use MB-3 to remove build-up on stone shower walls and floors.  MB-3 will handle most jobs before you need to move to MB-26 for the really tough stuff.

Best Earth-Friendly Granite Cleaners

GT-1 “Green” Granite Cleaner

earth friendly granite cleanerThe earth-friendly granite cleaning solution is GT-1.  In fact, Green Thing is an EPA certified “Green” granite cleaner.  GT-1 Natural Stone & All Surfaces Daily Cleaner is a neutral pH, ready-to-use, and formulated to be environmentally compatible and sustainable.

Above all, it works to safely and easily clean honed or polished marble, granite, limestone, slate, travertine, Corian, ceramic, porcelain, laminate and also painted wall surfaces.

GT-1 is fast evaporating, so it’s streak free and dries quickly.

Best Quartz Countertop Cleaner

Quartz countertops clean up easily with Windex or Dawn dish soap.  They’re both pH neutral.  The Windex will evaporate and leave a better finish.

My preferred products for routine quartz cleaning are the same that I use on granite counters – MB15 Stone Glow, MB5 Granite Cleaner, and MB17 Stone Wipes.  The MB15 product seems to do the best job on my own quartz tops perhaps due to the optical brighteners in the product.

This is especially noticeable on dark color quartz tops.

Do not disinfect kitchen countertops with products not safe for food areas!

Since Covid, it’s more important than ever to disinfect surfaces in your home, especially kitchen countertops and sink fixtures.  Even though AIRx Spray N Go, an EPA registered disinfectant, is safe for food prep areas, you still need to rinse areas after treatment with water.

But other disinfectants not safe for food prep areas can be dangerous.  So be sure to check the label and specs on any disinfectant you consider for surfaces that contact food.

Best Stained Grout Cleaner

Clean stained grout in tile floors with a heavy duty alkaline cleaner.  In fact, MB2 Alkaline HD is a highly concentrated, earth-friendly product designed to clean the toughest and deepest soils from grout, stone, and tile.  And with the MB2 Alkaline Grout Cleaner Kit find everything you need including (1) Quart of MB2 Alkaline HD Cleaner, (1) Spray Bottle, and (1) Grout Brush.

best grout cleaner

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