Seal Granite Tops In Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars

seal granite tops Hilton hotelHow to clean, disinfect, and seal granite tops in hotels, bars, and restaurants.  Hotels, restaurants, bars and other public and commercial areas need granite countertop sealing to protect granite and natural stone surfaces from staining.

And with the current demand for cleanliness and safety in hotels and eating establishments, disinfecting and germ killing are critical.

You can clean, disinfect, and seal granite countertops in house with the following guidelines and list of professional granite care products.  Also, with a higher incidence of stains on furniture in public areas, you should definitely seal stone table tops as well.  Check out Granite & Stone Care Kits for Restaurants & Hotels.

But first, here’s what you should know about sealing granite and how to determine if your granite tops are currently protected.  And be sure to watch the helpful videos in this article for visual instruction and guidelines.

Sealing Granite Countertops in Commercial Spaces

Warning: In commercial construction, granite installation contractors probably do not seal the countertops they install. And, if they do, they may use low quality silicon or siloxane-based granite sealer.  Silicon sealers are common in the granite countertop industry and require re-application every 6 months to one year.

Are Granite Tops In Your Facility Protected Against Stains?

protect granite tops from stains in hotelsNatural stone and granite tops vary on how porous they are.  Some granites never need sealer and should never be sealed.  This goes for most black or very dark color granite countertops which are typically very dense and will neither stain nor absorb sealer.  Other stones, especially light colors, may need several coats of sealer.

A simple test with lemon juice can help you determine if you need to seal granite tops.  In an inconspicuous spot on the countertop, place a few drops of lemon juice and watch the reaction.  If dark spots appear quickly, the stone may be calcareous such as limestone or marble.  It is reacting with the acid and could be problematic to protect with sealer.

Now, if the drops take a minute or so to be absorbed and show darker spots, they can be sealed and need to be sealed.  If the lemon juice doesn’t get absorbed at all, your stone does not need to be sealed.

Seal Granite Tops In Hotels, Bars, & Restaurants With Alphatic Resin Sealer

onyx in new skyclub salt lake cityTo seal granite with high-quality alphatic resin sealer, simply spray it on, let it absorb for a few minutes, and then wipe off.  It should only take minutes to seal a bathroom top.

For highly porous stones, you will need to repeat the process, waiting 24 hours between coats.  But the benefit is well worth the time since protection will last for 3 to 6 years with a sealer like MB-24 Barrier.

Prior to sealing, degrease countertops and give them a thorough cleaning with denatured alcohol or acetone.  For daily granite cleaning, see Best Way To Clean Granite Countertops, Quartzite, and Marble.  Denatured alcohol will evaporate quickly, but does wonders for cleaning granite and cutting through film buildup on natural stone counters.

Note: Sealing granite will protect against stains.  However, stone tops made of marble, onyx, or limestone cannot be protected from the damage caused by fruit juices, acidic cleaners, or toiletries. Sealers are meant for stain protection not protection from chemical “etching”.

How To Seal Granite Tops with Permanent Granite Sealer

permanent granite sealerThe best granite sealer for commercial spaces is fluorocarbon alphatic resin sealer. Unlike silicon-based sealers, these will not evaporate or go through any type of natural degradation. Fluorocarbon alphatic resin sealers are more expensive than lesser quality sealers, but they’re worth it.

Quality granite sealers penetrate the stone and seal below the surface. They are not topical sealers. The sealing substance is delivered inside the stone by natural absorption.

MB21 professional grade permanent granite countertop sealer is a premium solvent-based, VOC compliant formulation.  It goes beyond MB24 Barrier as a permanent stone sealer and color enhancer. This natural stone sealer provides optimum sealing capabilities, protecting against both oil and water-based stains.  And acidic cleaners typically do not harm MB21 sealer.

This sealer is made for stone countertops and it’s safe for areas that come in contact with food.  Also, it’s easy to apply and typically, two coats are suggested.  Spray onto counters and let the sealer sit for several minutes.  Then wipe excess and buff with a cloth.  The result is a permanent seal for stone countertops.  MB21 is also a superior permanent grout sealer for hotels & restaurants.  See How To Seal Grout In Hotels & Other Commercial Areas for instructions.

Cleaning Hotel & Restaurant Counters

Now for routine and daily cleaning of granite and natural stone counters, use a pH neutral stone cleaner.

I’ve used and promoted MB Stone cleaner MB-5 Marble, Granite and More Spray Cleaner for probably 20 years now.  But any quality pH neutral cleaner made for stone countertops should work fine.

Use MB-5 full strength in cooking areas or you can stretch your investment by diluting1:1 with water in other areas. For disinfecting countertops, consider AIRx Spray N Go an EPA registered disinfectant safe for food prep areas.  The AIRx product is actually a medical facility disinfectant.  Since Covid, I’m more focused on disinfecting surfaces now than ever.  Note – do not use Spray N Go on marble!

disinfect counters in hotels & restaurantsCleaning with a pH neutral cleaner is easy.  Simply spray the cleaner on the stone top and wipe it off.  You can also let the product sit on the countertops for 2 minutes before wiping it dry.  Consider using a non-scratch nylon pad to remove stubborn spots.  Although it’s not needed, I usually buff countertops after cleaning with a towel to bring back the shine.

Disinfect Surfaces in Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, & Gyms – New Guidelines 2021

Today, it’s critical to disinfect surfaces in hotels, restaurants, bars, gyms, and public areas.  For granite, quartz, and quartzite counters, make sure you disinfect with an EPA registered disinfectant that’s safe for food prep areas.

Use a recommended disinfectant: AIRx Spray N Go Disinfectant is made for medical facilities due to its germ-killing and deodorizing abilities. It kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds.  And since it is EPA registered safe for food prep areas, Spray N Go is an excellent choice to disinfect granite tops.  Please note, this product is not to be used on marble countertops!

How To Sanitize & Disinfect Stone Countertops

Hotel Disinfecting Instructions

Clean visible dirt from countertops.  And then spray disinfectant on granite and quartz tops holding the sprayer about 8” from the surface.  Spray the tops until they are wet and then let Spray N Go sit for 2 minutes.  Though you can let the product dry on its own, I usually wipe it up with a cloth.  For countertops or table tops that contact food, be sure to rinse after disinfecting with tap water.

Kill Viruses & Bacteria In Hotels & Restaurants

Be sure to see the AIRx Spray N Go label for the list of bacteria and viruses that the product is effective against.  And see Special Instructions for cleaning and decontaminating against the viruses HIV-1, HBV, and HCV.

Sealing Granite Table Tops In Restaurants & Hotels

Natural stone tops in commercial spaces will stain.  So make sure to seal granite tops in hotels and other public areas including table tops made of stone.  Does stone furniture such as granite table tops need to be sealed? Well, in public areas, restaurants, and hotel rooms, granite tables are especially susceptible to staining.  It’s a good idea to test the granite and seal granite tables.

Similar to stone countertops, darker granites are usually denser and doesn’t need sealing.  However,  lighter color granites are often more porous and will most likely need multiple coats of sealer.

In addition, limestone and marble tables should also be sealed to provide some protection.  Seal a granite table just like you do a granite countertop.  See How To Seal Granite Tables

How To Clean Tough Grout Stains in Hotels & Restaurants

Clean stained grout in tile floors with a heavy duty alkaline cleaner.  MB2 Alkaline HD is a highly concentrated, biodegradable  product designed to clean the toughest and deepest soils from grout, stone, and tile.  MB2 Alkaline Grout Cleaner Kit comes with (1) Quart of MB2 Alkaline HD Cleaner, (1) Spray Bottle, and (1) Grout Brush.

Grout stain removal instructions: Mix MB2 Alkaline HD with hot water.  Remove all loose debris from surface to be cleaned.  Apply the solution liberally with a mop or a sprayer and allow product to dwell for several minutes.  In fact, the longer the product is allowed to dwell, the easier the cleaning procedure will be. But don’t let the product dry on the surface.

Scrub grout with the grout brush and then rinse the area with water.  And after the floor dries, you can buff the area with a dry cloth or pad.  Furthermore, after a thorough cleaning, seal the grout with MB24 or MB21 to help prevent future grout staining.  See How To Clean Stained Grout for more details.

Granite Stain Removal in Restaurants, Hotels, & Offices

For complete granite stain removal instructions, see How To Remove Stains From Granite Countertops.

Bulk Size Granite Sealers For Hotels, Bars, & Restaurants

Seal granite tops in hotels, offices, restaurants, and public spaces to protect them from staining. Here are cost saving granite sealers & cleaners in bulk sizes.

MB-24 Barrier Gallons

MB-9 Mold & Mildew Gallons 

MB-5 Gallons

Granite countertop supports for commercial spaces

Granite countertop repair in hotels & restaurants

granite care products for hotels and restaurants
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